Wonders of Siquijor

In the Philippines, Siquijor is known as a mysterious island full of witchcraft and magic. If you’re looking for a healing spell or a love potion, you’ll find it here, and there’s no place more magical than the Balete Tree, a 400-year- old banyan tree located beside a freshwater spring. You might also find some mangkukulam (healers) living in the mountains and brewing traditional ointments.


If witch doctors aren’t your thing, you’ll probably enjoy the hilly interior of the island, a fantastic place to hike. A hike up the 557 m Mount Bandila-and will give you a complete view over the island. Tramping through the forested interior, you’re also likely to find caves, waterfalls and pristine, natural pools.


Siquijor is also home to a large art community, which can be discovered at the three-hectare Olang Art Park. See traditional and modern art by locals, as well as live stage performances. The photographically inclined will appreciate the permanent exhibition of nude photos by Marlon Despues.


Despite its status as a tourist destination, Siquijor’s diving scene is relatively low-key,with few divers in comparison to other areas. It’s the perfect place to experience unspoilt coral reefs and witness some of the most breathtaking sea creatures on the planet.