Relaxing at Salamangka

Welcome to the Salamangka Beach and Dive Resort, located on Siquijor Island in the Visayas region of the Philippines. Siquijor is known as the mystical island and is renowned for witchcraft, magic and natural healing. This inspired our resort’s name – Salamangka – which in the local dialect translates to ‘magic’.





Though Siquijor is known for its witchcraft, the real magic of the area is found below its waves and is best discovered on a dive.

Unlike much of the Philippines, the area around Siquijor is unspoiled and remains a diver’s paradise for those in the know. Plunge below the waves and immerse yourself in a mystical world of colourful coral, moray eels with devilish grins, and giant sea turtles. Descend the 50 m Paliton Wall and dive further into the marine world, returning with stories as fantastical as those told about the ancient balete tree.